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ptimising the performance of yachts that race under "performance adjusted" and "measurement" handicap systems provides special challenges to the Horizon team. We get a special sense of acheivement every time our customers continue to improve performance and collect trophies despite changes to their handicap over time.

The design and construction of racing yacht sails requires special and challenging considerations, including:

  • The design and handling characteristics of the yacht
  • The type of racing (ie. Offshore, coastal, bay, etc)
  • Crew experience
  • Relevant handicap system

Although Horizon's Yacht Measurement Form covers most of the variables, our sailing consultants will discuss your "unique requirements" in detail. They will also provide assistance in rig tuning, crew training and sail handling techniques.

Photographs are widely used to ensure a perfect fit and optimized performance your new sails. Horizon customers also receive free tuning, sail care, tuning and crew training literature.

Horizon sails are designed and cut using the most sophisticated and accurate computerized sailmaking system. Our designers are able to view, and fine tune, the wind loaded shape of your sails before the panels are cut to a tolerance of 1/10th of a millimeter.

To maintain accuracy and enhance durability all seams are glued prior to sewing.

By following the instructions on this form you can ensure that sails are made to the exact requirements of your yacht. Click this link to download the form.

Horizon work closely with several international sail cloth manufacturers in developing and testing racing sail fabrics.

Fabric used in Horizon sails is independently tested to ensure it meets Horizon's specifications (the most stringent in the sailmaking industry) for performance and durability.

Specially developed custom fabrics such as "Stealth" Laminates and "Airlite" spinnaker fabric have set new standards for performance sail fabric.

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